Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I would not hesitate to say that Porbandar is the bird capital of Gujarat. Maybe not so much in terms of diversity though there are a very large variety of birds there, but certainly in sheer numbers!!! Within an area of say five square kilometres there were at least a lakh birds probably more... mind boggling!!

We reached Porbandar from Gir via Somnath. It was late afternoon and we set off immediately to explore the area....

We headed north towards some lakes we had seen on google earth. There were birds everywhere. From little creeks to sewage runoffs to small puddles on the wayside and very much along and in the lakes... It was a little too much to take in and I was overwhelmed!

The next day went by in a blur rushing from one spot to another only to find yet more places and yet more birds. The pictures will do all the talking...

A couple of thousand strong flock of Pied Avocet

Caspian tern

One rosy pelican amongst Dalmatian pelicans 


Black tailed Godwit

Black Ibis with Terek sandpiper in background

Painted stork

Heuglin's Gull with breakfast!!


Little stint

Brown headed Gull

Painted stork colony

Common Snipe


Northern Shoveller (f)

Heuglin's Gull

A pair of Pied Avocet

Caspin tern on a tidal island

Flamingos in the centre of Porbandar

One greater among lesser Flamingos

Lesser Flamingos

Greater Flamingo

In flight

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