Friday, 30 September 2011

Leh Pangong tso

So here we were.... all rested and raring to go to the famed Pangong Tso, two thirds of which is in China and the remaining one third in India. Just as we set out, we saw the beautiful rock bunting.
Rock Bunting
The drive to Pangong Tso through Changla is through very beautiful countryside. Pretty barren as the rest of the area, but teeming with wildlife. The valleys were a lush green before we ascended the mountains towards Changla.
Stunning greenery in valleys with barren mountainsides as the backdrop

I think the most common little brown birds we saw there were the brandt's mountain finches. They were there by the scores....

Brandt's mountain finch

Frozen lake
Just short of the pass we were treated to two most beautiful sights. Dozens of robin accentors which we desperately tried to photograph and the elusive Himalayan Snowcock which just strolled across the road without realising the excitement he had thrown us in!

Robin Accentor

Himalayan Snowcock


Right after the frozen lake, we came across lots of little marmots... they are really the cutest creatures I have seen. We even spotted two young ones wrestling!
Horned Lark
The horned lark was also fairly common on the journey.. I think we must have had at least two or three sightings that day.

Citrine wagtail

Hill pigeon
The hill pigeons and the citrine wagtails were abundant... Lots of beautiful birds to see and an amazing experience all round. I hope everyone gets round to seeing this 'Land of Gompas and Passes'. You'll fall in love with it!
Eurasian Hobby

Yellow wagtail

White capped water redstart

Desert Wheatear

Plain Mountainfinch

Watercock chicks


At Changla, with the Zanskar range in the background
Oriental turtle dove

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