Friday, 2 April 2010


The Jain temples of Ranakpur are stunning! Words elude me in trying to describe them, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

My only tip to visitors is that both ladies and gents should wear covered clothes otherwise they don't allow entry into the temples... They do have some clothes (bottoms) on hire at the premises, but one would rather be prepared at the outset and not have to go through this!

These temples are amazingly well preserved and the places are very clean. It helps that they don't even allow water to be taken onto the premises..

These are the intricately carved parts of the ceiling...
which the guide was quick to tell us, is not repeated anywhere in the temple. No two pieces of sculpture are alike.. and there must be millions of them in there!

I found these columns very beautiful!

Ethereal beauty... that is Ranakpur, a few hours drive from Udaipur, but a world apart.


  1. this place is one of my favourite.....i too have sm pics .....these pics refreshed sm of my old gud memoirs....thanx ......

  2. Thanks Nilu.. I loved Rajasthan!

  3. Looks very good.. Nice pics